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Hacked BD is a cold email marketing agency that helps companies build a bigger pipeline. We build lists, personalize emails, and generate opportunities so you don’t have to.
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Building the top of a sales funnel is hard. Hacked BD makes it easier, so you can spend more time on what’s important - closing deals.

Most sales and business development teams spend the majority of their time trying to generate leads to fill their pipeline. It’s time consuming work.

Hacked BD builds and manages cold email marketing systems for companies that want to spend less time prospecting and more time engaging with prospects.

Who does Hacked BD work with?

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Hacked BD works with companies that are looking to grow their sales funnel with less effort, and are interested in using automated cold email marketing to do it. 

We specialize in working with SaaS businesses, agencies, consumer product companies, and businesses involved in M&A - brokers or strategic acquirers.

Outsourced business development doesn’t have to be costly.

Business analysis
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Hacked BD can do the same quality lead research as highly skilled sales reps in less time, at a higher volume, and for substantially less.

Hacked BD uses artificial intelligence to conduct lead research combining 100’s of data sources to find prospects that make sense for your business.

We use this information to write personalized emails that convert. The automated cold email systems that we build are capable of sending hundreds of targeted emails daily to the prospects you most want to connect with.

Lead research and list building driven by artificial intelligence

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Sending better cold email starts with building better contact lists. Most companies build expensive business development teams to answer important qualifying questions about their prospects. They have to do this, because traditional data fields can't answer these questions.

Hacked BD uses artificial intelligence to answer questions that help you truly understand the companies you are targeting.

Traditional data fields:
Prospect Names
Company Names
School Attended
Time in Role
Just a few questions Hacked BD can answer:
What are the company’s challenges?
What are the new initiatives for the company?
What is the company’s competitive advantage?
What conferences would make sense for your prospect to attend?
What is their ideal customer profile?
Who are some example customers your prospect would sell to?

Web scraping and list building expertise

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Hacked BD can build lists of companies anywhere in the world

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Scrape company contact information, reviews, and any other relevant information that is available online

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Hacked BD’s scraping solutions allow us to find contacts and contact data at large, medium, and small businesses

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Pre-built and custom solutions give us the ability to extract lead data from virtually any online database

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Cold email conversion rates are directly related to data quality; the better the leads the better the results


Identify ideal customer profile and scrape online databases to find prospects

Scrape companies from mapScrape data from map

Build lists of prospects with accurate contact information

Lead list buildingLead list of companies

Use artificial intelligence to score leads and understand which prospects are the best fit

AI company analysis list buildingAI company analysis

What does a personalized cold email from Hacked BD look like?

If you want your cold email outreach to be effective you need to personalize your messaging and make sure that you’re emailing companies that have a real need for your solution.

Below is an example of how Hacked BD can personalize a cold email:

Note: This is just an example of what is possible. Reach out to our team if you want to see what our best emails look like.

An email A/B testing process designed to create consistent results

If you want better email conversion rates you need to A/B test to a statistically significant number of prospects. Hacked BD has developed a structured process for A/B testing designed to give you predictable response rates from our campaigns.

Each test begins with a hypothesis, such as ‘we think adding this personalization will improve email conversion rates’. Our team then writes email copy that isolates the variables that we want to test. We then run the test, analyze the results, make iterations to the copy based on our findings, and start again with a new hypothesis.

This is a non-stop process that is proven to maximize email conversion rates.

Cold email A/B testing process

Turn-key cold email solutions

Hacked BD is a full service cold email agency, which means that we set up and manage every aspect of our clients cold email infrastructure. You just tell us what you need more or less of.

We meet with clients on a bi-weekly basis to discuss email deliverability, leads generated, email conversion rates, and to discuss new ideas.

Working with Hacked BD

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We set up an initial call to understand the goals of your marketing campaigns, how you want your brand represented, and to begin account setup.

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Technical Setup

Sending domains, deliverability tools, and sequencing software are all set up to Hacked BD’s tested specifications, for optimal email deliverability.

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Hacked BD’s proprietary mailwarming process takes 21 days to get your new sending domains ready for high volume outbound.

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List building

We work to find valid contact information for prospects that are a great fit for your solution. We utilize artificial intelligence to find prospects at companies with the attributes that make them potential customers.

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Experienced copywriters put together multiple versions of our initial campaigns so we can start A/B testing from the get go.

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Kickoff & Testing

We launch our first emails on day 22. Our team collects and analyzes this data to help us improve conversion rates.

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What do you like best about Hacked BD?

How automated the process is and the consistency of good leads.

Kevin H.
Business Owner

What problems is Hacked BD solving and how is that benefiting you?

We needed to build an outbound email infrasturcture that can scale to sending over 1000 emails per day. HackedBD helped design the system and guided me on the implentation across many different services.

Verified User.
Business Owner

Recommendations to others considering Hacked BD:

Do not hesitate to work with Hacked BD. Within 48 hours of setting up our marketing systems we already had enquiries for sales. His advice is invaluable.

Verified User.
Business Owner

What problems is Hacked BD solving and how is that benefiting you?

Everyone in our industry is looking to weed out the real leads from the thousands of leads that prove unqualified, yet take hours of time. The Hacked BD team has worked with us to define customer avatars and get in front of highly qualified, potentially interested clients and to do so in an ethical and compliant manner. Very pleased thus far.

Verified User
Business Owner

What do you dislike about Hacked BD?

Nothing! We'll be working with them again soon. I view them as our continual improvement consulstants!

Brandon K.
Business Owner
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